Monday, 1 July 2013

Men Like Flowers, Too:

There may exist a misconception that says men don't like flowers, as if they are something too fancy and feminine for men to ever want to receive. I've long ago dismissed this notion. So send flowers, if you've got a great husband or fabulous guy there that you need to give his spirits a lift.

Combined with the bouquet, don't hesitate to ship over a basket of fruit coupled with a beautiful bottle of wine, be it red, white or bubbling champagne.

Setting the Mood for Love

I find that if all the factors are in place for a lovely evening with my husband, it usually happens that way. I often think of that song, "The Days of Wine and Roses," whereby the songwriter recalls the days when his job was going so well and he was being so successfully paid for his efforts that he would stop and buy flowers and wine for his wife before coming home to a delightful evening of celebration of life and favor.

That would be a great plan -- if you're a man reading this -- flowers could be a weekly or monthly ritual for your wife. Pre-planned or last minute and delivered by calling or going online to get the order in, do it when you can. It helps to show we care about one another, right?

I've just uncovered one more reason men like buying flowers, because of the loving responses and warm feelings they usually bring out in the recipient.

Make Your Feelings Known

I know I received quite the reaction the day that I searched for my college boyfriend's car in a parking lot across from the business school I attended years ago. When I found the purple jalopy contraption, I lifted his windshield wiper and placed a single rose beneath it, wondering if he even liked flowers.

"I always said I'd marry the first girl who gave me flowers," he said, all misty-eyed, when he discovered the gift.

People get serious about flowers, and they can evoke great emotions. I like sending a big bouquet to my husband at his office with a large balloon when I can, not only for him, but to show his colleagues that he is very much loved.

My neighbour likes to sneak various coloured flowers into his garden, proving men can really take a shine to them.

Tyler Perry posted a photo on Facebook of the large -- I mean absolutely huge and gorgeous -- bouquet of red roses that sat in the entrance way to his home before a big event, prior to a movie premiere celebration where he'd have plenty of friends over. He spoke of how all the various bouquets of fresh flowers really made his house smell awesome.

So we're not the only ones who love to receive flowers, ladies. Don't assume that a man would poo-poo the gift, no matter how much bravado and machismo he displays. Flowers could melt that heart of your husband into a sumptuous evening.


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  2. Nice post. Not only women’s bur men also like flowers. Flowers convey your feelings to any person in better way. If you want to send gift for him then flowers are the best option to express your love.


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