Monday, 15 July 2013

The Difference Between Funeral and Sympathy Flowers

One of the most common times to send flowers is when you hear about someone you know losing a loved one. If you cannot make it to the funeral, or if you are more acquainted with the family member or co-worker and you decide not to go to the funeral, you can send a sympathy bouquet to your co-worker or friend instead. Most people probably are not aware there is a difference between funeral and sympathy flowers.

What are Funeral Flowers?

Casket Spray
Funeral flower arrangements are usually sent to wherever the funeral is being held, whether it is a church, a funeral home, a crematory or at the gravesite. They are usually larger floral arrangements that are visible during the funeral or memorial service. There are many forms of funeral flowers including:

Funeral Wreaths

Many people consider these funeral tributes and they usually shaped in a circle, but there are many other shapes and sizes as well. They are made from flowers arranged in a green wreath.

Funeral Cross

Funeral Cross
These are popular choices for funerals held at churches or to express personal sentiment. Funeral crosses are made in many sizes and cross shapes and are usually made with flowers being woven in a cross pattern.

Funeral Baskets

Funeral Basket
This arrangement makes it easy to carry the flowers from the funeral to the grave-site or home with the family if they wish to keep them. The flowers contained in the basket can reflect the deceased favourite flowers or they can consist of tasteful arrangement in a wicker basket. Check this site for more funeral flower arrangements.

What are Sympathy Flowers?

Sympathy Flowers
There are flowers for all occasions, including sympathy flowers are to convey your condolences to the family of the person who has died. Unlike funeral flowers, these arrangements go directly to the family of the deceased and are delivered to their home and not where the funeral or memorial service takes place. They can even be sent to their workplace, especially if they are a colleague.

Sympathy flowers can be sent at anytime after you've heard about the death of their loved one. You can send a tasteful arrangement of sympathy flowers to them before the funeral or after the funeral, if you only just heard about the passing of their family member. When you do order online on, you can have a flower arrangement along with a card message rushed to the family on the same day as you heard the news. If you order early that day, you can have same day delivery almost anywhere in Australia.

Check Customs

Before you do send flowers, check to see what their customs are for funerals. Even if the person you are sending the arrangement to is a close friend, if it isn't appropriate culturally, you shouldn't send flowers.

However, if there is no seat custom regarding flowers at funerals, you can go ahead and order a flower delivery and have it sent as soon as you hear about the passing of your friend's loved one. While you may think a delivery of flowers will be expensive, there is free delivery for online orders of arrangements.

The flowers will be fresh as well because once Spearwood Florist receives the order; they are arranged in our local shop and delivered by them as well. Send a subdued, tasteful arrangement of flowers for either the funeral or as sympathy flowers for the family. Your thoughtfulness can bring solace to the family.

To order Sympathy or Funeral flowers for delivery across Australia, you can go online at, call us on (08)9418 3532 or stop by our flower shop at Shop K4, Phoenix Shopping Centre, 252-254 Rockingham Road, Spearwood WA6163.


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