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What Different Flowers May Mean

Sure you're all poised and ready to send flowers, but perhaps you're wondering what certain flowers mean. Back in Victorian days, a man used to pick a certain flower with specific meanings in mind. But do those same principles hold up these days? Let's take a look.

#1 - The Meaning of Roses


Roses are well known for being a symbol of love, so credit the dozen roses bouquet so popular on Valentine's Day for holding up this notion. The red of the rose has come to symbolize everything from the blushing mythologies to the blood of the martyrs.

#2 - The Meaning of Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemum is a Chinese word, meaning "October flower," and is said to symbolize nobility. Send those and you're apparently conveying the message that you are a good friend, jovial, in fact.

# 3 - The Meaning of Lilies


The meaning behind lilies can be wide and varied, depending on the specific type of lily we're talking about. The fragrant stargazer lily can be associated with purity, innocence, and simplicity as well as romantic notions, wealth and prosperity. Calla Lilies, on the other hand, can stand for grace, beauty, elegance and charm. Perhaps that's why brides love all manner of them in their wedding bouquets.

#4 - The Meaning of Orchids 


Orchids used to represent virility to the ancient Greeks, but they've evolved to symbolize other features that represent the care it takes to nurture them, like luxury, love and thoughtfulness. More exotic than the common rose or other types of commonly sent flowers, the orchid is gorgeous and complex and yet used quite a big in wedding bouquets because it symbolizes beauty, at least in the white form of the flower.

As for the rare black orchid, it can evoke feelings of mystery, yet some shy away from including it in bouquets because of ominous meanings and assumptions. It can also be seen as a status symbol, if sent to someone who’s attained a certain level or stature. A message on the card accompanying this rare flower would help explain more.

#5 - The Meaning of Tulips


My mother used to recite a poem so often about tulips and "two lips" kissing that we put it on her funeral program. It's fitting that tulips can mean elegance, but it also allegedly depends on the coloring of the flower. For example, purple tulips might mean passionate love and strength. Yellow tulips are revered for their sunny disposition, whilst red tulips could have a more sincere meaning, like imploring a person to believe the true love they have for you.

Now that you know some of the meanings of the kinds of species we've covered, go ahead and send flowers with confidence. After all, never fear that you're sending the wrong kind or color or type of flowers.

As long as the intention is correct and from a heart of love and understanding – along with a card stating that fact – they should be received in the same manner.

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