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Sending birth flowers (new baby flowers) to hospitals

The birth of a baby is a very poignant time in a woman's life. After laboring for hours and sometimes even days, she is rewarded with the arrival of her bundle of joy. Bringing a human being into the world is an arduous task but you can help mom feel appreciated by sending new baby flowers to the hospital. Although she might be exhausted, she will be delighted to receive this wonderful token while she is still recovering. However, don't take it for granted and send any kind flowers to the new mother. Here are a few things you should consider before sending new baby flowers to the hospital.
New Baby Flowers


  • Timing
Timing is very important when sending new baby flowers to the hospital. If you wait too long to send them, you may be the one that ends being surprised as the mother may have been discharged by the time the flowers are delivered. Therefore, you should endeavour to send the flowers as soon as you find out that the baby has been born.

  • Type of Flowers
Don't just send any kind of flowers to the new mother. Instead, you should aim to send flowers that are colourful and are synonymous with life. Colourful and lively flowers can do wonders, especially for a mother who is experiencing the "baby blues".

  • Sex of the Baby 

It may not always be possible, but it would be good if you know the sex of the baby before sending the flowers. You certainly don't want to send the new mom a bouquet of pink flowers when she has given birth to a boy.

  • The Birth Month
You might also consider the month the baby is born when sending new baby flowers. Just as there are birth stones, they are also birth flowers. Send the mother carnation or snowdrop flowers if the baby was born in January. These flowers are available in black, dark blue or red symbolises devoted love and consolation. If the baby was born in February, send the new mother violets or primroses which are available in violet, sky blue or yellow and symbolize modesty and faithfulness. If it's a March baby, send mom daffodils or jonquil, which are available in white or light blue. Daisies or sweet pea flowers are for April babies and are available in yellow and red. These flowers are symbolic of innocence and youth. If baby was born in the month of May, Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn flowers are ideal. They are available in yellow red and green. Roses are the birth month flowers for June babies and are available in many colours including pink, yellow, white and cream. Send mom gladiolas or poppies if she gave birth in August. These flowers are available in orange, red and light green. If it's a September baby, send mother aster or morning glory flowers, which are available in brown or deep blue. The flowers you should send for October babies are Calendar or cosmos. They are available in white and yellow. Send mom chrysanthemums for her November baby. Chrysanthemums are available in pink, red and yellow. Narcissus or Holly flowers are ideal for babies who are born in December and are available in indigo, green and greenish-blue.

Sending new baby flowers to hospital for a new mom can put a smile on her face after hours of arduous labor. Ensure that you choose the appropriate flowers and send them in good time before mom is discharged from the hospital. New baby flowers can brighten a dull hospital room and reassure mom that she has done a superb job!

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