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Different Designs or Styles of Flower Arrangements and Bouquets

Flowers help us convey so many emotions and thoughts by sending them to the people we care about on special occasions or just to say you are thinking of them. They help us celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, the arrival of new babies and weddings. They also help us send our condolences when someone dies or help us to express our love to that special someone in our lives. Flowers can also brighten a room when someone is feeling lonely or sick.

Floral arrangements are works of art, crafted by florists from their imaginations and their eye for design and color. In Australia there are flower design schools for arranging flowers, there are also classes that teach the basics, including those that cover the types of styles and designs that make up most of the bouquets and arrangements you can buy at a flower shop.

Basic Floral Designs for Arrangements

All flower arrangements are made up from three basic designs, including:

Line Arrangement

Line arrangements - Designs in this category have minimal flowers and foliage in the focal area of the arrangement. It is an open form that places the emphasis on the beauty of the plant material, rather than flowers. Bare branches, decorative wood or a pine branch helps create a well-defined line.  Flowers and leaves are added for a dramatic effect.

Mass arrangements - This type of arrangement uses a generous amount and mix of flowers arranged in a vase. The arrangement is designed to be full, flowing and symmetrical. Types of arrangements in this category include the oval, triangular and circular, or fan shaped.

Line-Mass arrangements - Lots of plant material and flowers are used to give this design some depth. Plant material is arranged in an outline and in mass to create a focal point for the arrangement. It has gradual changes from the line at the periphery of the arrangement that moves to the center mass. These arrangements are open form with either symmetrical or asymmetrical balance.

Types of Floral Arrangements

While the types of flowers and their colors often make an arrangement come alive, they are put together with one of seven basic floral arrangement designs. These seven arrangements include:

Horizontal Arrangement

Horizontal arrangement - Flowers in this arrangement are usually placed in a shallow container and are centered around the focal flower in the center of the arrangement.  In most horizontal arrangements, the focal flower is usually a rose. Drooping flower branches are then added to each side of the focal flower.  Since this type of arrangement is low, it is mostly used for table centerpieces.

Vertical arrangement - This arrangement is very tall, made by using very tall stems of flowers and leaves in this arrangement. Tulips, roses and carnations are typically used in this sort of arrangement, with shorter filler flowers like forget-me-nots arranged around them to make the design balanced.

Triangular arrangement - Taller flower stems are placed at the center of this arrangement with shorter stems being used on all sides of the center stems to keep its triangular shape. Triangular arrangements are most commonly used for wedding ceremonies.

Oval arrangements - This arrangement uses the brightest and tallest flowers at the center of the design. The size and color of the flowers at are used are allowed to reduce gradually by degrees towards the sides. This arrangement has a formal structure, so they are most often used for formal occasions.

The Lazy 'S' arrangement - Also called Hogarth's curve, it is the most complex arrangement made. It requires skill and experience in order to make arrangements in the Lazy 'S' pattern. The flowers are arranged to form a 'S' shape in this design.

Minimal arrangement - As its name implies, this arrangement uses few flowers and emphasis the focal flower. It is one of the most popular arrangements made for indoor use.

Popular Arrangement Styles

When you shop for flowers, whether at a local flower shop or online, you will pick from many arrangements and bouquets that use different flowers and designs. However, there are four basic styles of arrangements you will come across no matter where you shop for flowers. They are:

Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquets - A bouquet of flowers is easier to assemble that a floral arrangement and are a popular choice for many people. Bouquets made from roses are the most common, followed by carnations, gerberas, daisies and chrysanthemums.
Table Centerpieces - Centerpieces are made from horizontal floral arrangements and they are most often used on tables for more formal occasions such as dinner on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas or for wedding receptions.

Floral Baskets - These are floral arrangements done in wicker baskets of various depths and the flowers should be chosen on basis of the depth of the basket being used. They are popular gifts for occasions like Christmas, Mother's Day or for businesses to give to their clients. They may contain fruits or chocolates along with the flowers.

Floral Wreath

Floral Wreaths - This floral arrangement is made in the form of circular garland with flowers and foliage interwoven together. Wreaths traditionally indicate celebration or honor and are popular for funerals to honor the deceased. They are also used as welcome wreaths on doors for the holiday season, especially at Christmas time.

We've all had occasions to order flowers for a friend or a family member to send condolences or tell them we miss them, especially if we can't make it home for a holiday. Now that you are know the basics of floral arrangements and designs, you will be able to look at your choices more knowledgeably when you shop and pick out exactly which type of arrangement you want to send.

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